Natural paprika

Simple red powder with a soft taste in the mouth that refines the texture and flavors of the food it accompanies. Tasty and healthy dressing. Its composition of minerals and vitamin A is an exceptional nutritional source.

Custom made Paprika

“El Galgo” is a paprika that has an advantageous position on the market thanks to its perfect price-quality on ratio.

Organic Paprika

It comes from peppers grown without the use of herbicides, only with organic fertilizers and always respecting the environment

Combine them as you wish !

If you are already sure of the format (tin, bag or sack), you can combine sizes; you have from 75 gr. up to 25 kg, the flavour with the varieties that we offer you: Sweet, Bittersweet,   and Spicy and also if you want the aroma, smoked or no smoke. Also you can choose so much Traditional Paprika  as Organic Paprika.
The smokeless paprika comes from peppers whose dehydration process has been carried out in hot-air stream dryers. The smoked paprika El Galgo, unlike the Pimienton Caballo de Oros D.O.P., has been dehydrated with oak and oak smoke but for less than five days, so its flavor and aroma is different, somewhat softer.
It does not contain gluten and “ consuming this product of Extremadura gives an antioxidant effect, prevents cancer, and reduces levels of cholesterol and triglycerides” (Mr. Campillo,  physiological professor and nutritional expert).
We offer you many possibilities to mix it as you wish. So you can enjoy one of the best spices of the world.
Due to its small format and capacity, it will solve the daily in your kitchen.


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