Discover the excellences of this paprika.

In its careful process of elaboration have taken into account all the details: from the select collection of peppers at their point of ideal maturity and completely healthy, until the manipulation of the product. Peppers ground it to become a fine deep red paprika.
And all for you to appreciate the utmost expression of quality.


Appreciated by master restorers.

This wonderful reddish powder brings the best of its excellence to the ever demanding restaurant and hospitality sector.

Its high degree of aromatic richness is a magnificent pretext to prepare the most creative dishes of Spanish cuisine.

“El Galgo” paprika is the perfect excuse to surprise at the table with the most original recipes.


If you are already sure of the format (tin, bag or sack), you can combine sizes; you have from 75 gr. up to 25 kg, the flavour with the varieties that we offer you: Sweet, Bittersweet,   and Spicy and also if you want the aroma, smoked or no smoke. Also you can choose so much Traditional Paprika  as Organic Paprika
it does not contain gluten and “ consuming this product of Extremadura gives an antioxidant effect, prevents cancer, and reduces levels of cholesterol and triglycerides” (Mr. Campillo,  physiological professor and nutritional expert).
We offer you many possibilities to mix it as you wish. So you can enjoy one of the best spices of the world.

Due to its small format and capacity, it will solve the daily in your kitchen.

The bags are more thought for your restaurant or similar business.
If you are a professional in the meat industry, and you need large quantities of paprika, then this is your choice.


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